Expired Weebly Blogs Now Available

Expired Weebly blogs are now available in the shop. These domains are little more rarer than Twitter and Tumblr, so there will be less to choose from. As usual, the metrics included are Trust Flow (TF), Citation Flow (CF), Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA), MozRank (MR), external backlinks (EB), and referring domains (RD). The prices are calculated based on these metrics. Availability and metrics are automatically checked once every 24 hours. These expired Weebly domains must be registered after purchase.

For all expired web 2.0 accounts, check out the domains shop here.

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Expired Tumblr Accounts Now Available

Expired Tumblr accounts are now available in the shop. Just like the expired Twitters, these sub-domains are most powerful when used as a Tier 1 level in your SEO campaigns. Unlike most expired web 2.0 account providers, I’ve filtered the domains to include Majestic metrics alongside the Moz metrics. The Majestic metrics are trust flow, citation flow, external backlinks, and referring domains. The Moz metrics are domain authority, page authority, and Moz rank. Most providers will provide accounts that only have a Moz page authority. I’ve calculated the Majestic metrics into the equation to provide only top quality expired accounts. By doing so, these will provide you the most authority and link juice possible.

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Expired Twitter Accounts Back In Stock

Expired Twitter accounts are back in stock. I took them down temporarily, but am now in the process of loading new ones in. Currently there are 16 accounts with some nice metrics for SEO purposes. The portfolio will be continually updated daily. On the way are more Web 2.0 accounts: Tumblr, Over-Blog, etc.

Majestic Bulk Checker is still in stock. I kept this tool cheap at only $10 lifetime. For this price, you can check an unlimited number of domains depending on the number of proxies you have. I highly recommend investing in backconnect proxies if checking a large number. The software returns Trust Flow, Citation Flow, # of external backlinks, and # of referring domains.

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Buy Expired Twitter Accounts – High Authority Web 2.0 Domains

You can now buy expired Twitter accounts in the shop. These are abandoned Twitter accounts that still carry a powerful link profile with link juice flowing to it. The authority these accounts hold can be used to aid your PBN or other SEO purposes. All Twitter accounts have solid metrics in Moz & Majestic – Trust Flow, Citation Flow, Domain Authority, Page Authority – making them highly valuable. The database will be continually added to and kept up-to-date with the latest metrics to give you a fresh list of expired Twitter accounts. There will be other expired web 2.0 properties available as well such as Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly, etc. Check back often and check out the expired Twitter accounts now..

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