Captcha BreakerIf you use GSA Captcha Breaker as your ‘go-to’ for solving captchas, and are running multiple VPS’ & software, then this tip is for you. Captcha Breaker allows you to it up as server, which allows you to send captchas from other machines. So for example, you can run Captcha Breaker on one machine (as the server), GSA SER on another machine, and UBot on another. SER and UBot would then be able to send the captchas to the server, and the server will send back the answer. This allows more flexibility so you don’t have to stuff a bunch of software on one machine and also eliminates the need to purchase another Captcha Breaker license (unless you have too many captcha being sent to the server).


Setting up GSA CB as the server is pretty easy. Click the “Options” icon in the top left.

GSA Captcha Breaker Server Options

Check off “Run as Webserver”. Set the “Listen to” address as the IP of the server. Set the port to 80. Check off “Simulate the following captcha services. Now you need to choose with captcha service to simulate. Really only one is needed in most cases, but you can check off as many as you need. Usually, I will check off a service that I normally don’t use. Now click the “Restart” button. If you open your hosts file (%SystemRoot%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts), you’ll see the GSA CB modified the file.

GSA Captcha Breaker Hosts File

This routes all requests to the domains to the GSA CB server. Now you can copy this hosts file text, open the hosts file on all other machines you want to send captchas from, paste the modifications into those files, and save. So for the example shown, all captchas sent to de-captcher will be sent to the GSA CB server instead. If you want to cancel out any specific domain, you can write a pound sign in front of the line like this: “#”.

You can also test the server out by browsing to “#server.ip#/gsa_test.gsa”. So it would be “” for this example. If it is working, you should see an image upload form.

GSA Captcha Breaker Browser Test

If you receive an error when setting up the server, usually it is because port 80 is being used by another application such as Teamviewer or Skype.