GSA SERIt’s always better to go dynamic when available. Luckily, GSA SER is a dynamic software all together with a huge range of options/settings to play with. The most common way to set up a SER project is by manually adding project URLs in one by one. If the task calls for manual insertion to build links to a specific URL, then by all means do that. Each task is different. But if for example, you are trying to generally rank a website, it’s important to have as much URL variation as possible (deep backlinking). So instead of manually inserting each website’s page one by one, GSA SER offers a variety of solutions to make this task easier. For this post though, we are going to look at using RSS feeds to create the project URLs. Using a site’s RSS feed will allow GSA SER to scan the RSS feed and pull all of the website’s URLs. Not only does this eliminate the need to insert each URL manually, but is ideal for any dynamic website that is being continually update with new content (blogs, etc). So if you create a new blog post, there is no longer the extra step of grabbing the URL and adding it to the SER project. Since the URL will be automatically included in your website’s feed, it will be added to all the possible URLs GSA SER will build backlinks to.

To set this up is pretty simple. Simply create a new project or update a new project.


Then click “edit” next to the URL field.

GSA SER RSS Feeds Edit

Click “Add RSS Feed”.


Insert your site’s RSS feed URL and click “OK”.


Click “Test” to see the results.

GSA SER RSS Feeds Test

GSA SER RSS Feeds Preview

GSA SER RSS Feeds Preview 2

You should see a different website URL for each preview.