GSA SERA couple months back, I went over using an RSS feed for project URLs in GSA SER. This is useful when you want to do deep linking to a site that is constantly being updated with new posts. GSA SER will parse the RSS feed and choose a random post/link from the feed. Recently, I wanted to use multiple RSS feeds for a SER project. I had multiple Tumblr blogs that I wanted to build backlinks to. It was a bit tricky, so I decided to write this brief tutorial to help.

Setting Up Multiple RSS Feeds

As most of you are aware, for setting up project URLs in the project settings, when using static URLs, you can put each new URL on a new line and the software will choose a random URL from that list:

GSA SER Tutorial Multiple RSS Feeds URL List

Originally, my thinking was to just put each RSS feed on a separate line like the image above. The format we use for a single RSS feed is:

So I went ahead and put each Tumblr RSS feed on a seperate line:

When clicking the “test” button, it wasn’t spitting out a random URL from a random RSS feed. Instead, it was spitting out the entire text from a random RSS feed.

After some playing around, I came up with a workaround. I used the “%spinfile%” macro which selects a random line from a text file:

Within the text file, I put the RSS feeds on seperate lines in the GSA SER RSS feed format (just like before):

Now, when clicking the “test” button, SER successfully outputs a random RSS feed URL from one of the 3 RSS feeds.