GSA SERPageRank (PR) had always been the go-to metric to decide the power of a domain. PR was discontinued back in 2013, but the data is still available and put to use. However, since the data is no longer being updated, PageRank is no longer valuable to determining the authority of the domain. Over the years, many new metrics were introduced by services such as Moz, Majestic, Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc. These are now the new metrics for filtering out the good from the bad. GSA SER in particular, had always depended upon PR to sort the target domains for backlinking. To get more accurate numbers, GSA PR Emulator was introduced to work alongside GSA SER. The tool maps PR to either Yandex, Alexa, or SEMRush metrics. Domains/pages are sent to GSA PR Emulator from GSA SER and then returned back with a mapped PR. This functionality can also be found in GSA Proxy Scraper. In this tutorial, I am going to demonstrate the simple process of connecting GSA PR Emulator to GSA SER.

Connecting GSA PR Emulator to GSA SER

This is a pretty simple demonstration. First, open up both GSA PRE and GSA SER.


GSA SER PR Emulator

GSA Search Engine Ranker

Next, choose the service you want to use to determine the PageRank:\.

GSA PR Emulator Services

Head over to GSA SER click the “Options” button and then click the “Advanced” button on the left of the pop-up window. You should see an option labeled “Use YandexTIC as PR”. This should be checked by default. Uncheck it.


Now you should be all set. Click “Run” in GSA SER to start the backlinking process. All potential targets are first analyzed before being used and will be streamed over to GSA PR Emulator. You should see the software picking up the domains and assigning them with a emulated PR value.

GSA PR Emulator Stream

These values are then sent back to GSA SER and if the PR passes your filters, they will be used for the backlinking. From here on out, this is hands-off. There are other options available in GSA PR Emulator that can be set, which I’ll cover in another tutorial. As stated earlier, the same functionality of PR Emulator can be found in GSA Proxy Scraper. If you have the funds, use public proxies, and want to keep the proxy scraping separate from SER, I’d highly recommend picking up GSA PS. If not, GSA PR Emulator does the trick.