Expired Twitter accounts are back in stock. I took them down temporarily, but am now in the process of loading new ones in. Currently there are 16 accounts with some nice metrics for SEO purposes. The portfolio will be continually updated daily. On the way are more Web 2.0 accounts: Tumblr, Over-Blog, etc.

Majestic Bulk Checker is still in stock. I kept this tool cheap at only $10 lifetime. For this price, you can check an unlimited number of domains depending on the number of proxies you have. I highly recommend investing in backconnect proxies if checking a large number. The software returns Trust Flow, Citation Flow, # of external backlinks, and # of referring domains.

Without further ado, after much debate, I need to announce the retirement of both SuperHAC and SuperCS. I no longer have the time and energy to keep these softwares up-to-date. Thank you for the support on these.

If you need to contact me, please use this page from now on: Contact me