post-icon-youtubeIn part 12, we did a stats update after 3500 social signals were sent to the YouTube video. After a around a week, we saw the YouTube ranking decrease dramatically (possible dance), the videos tab Google ranking jump 7 spots, and the omitted results Google ranking jump 14 spots. After part 12, I ordered another 3700 social signals service from a different provider on Fiverr. It’s been a good 5 months since the last update, so we are going to use this time to take another look at the YouTube stats/ranking, Google rankings, and the social share stats before taking the next action. The main goal is still to get the YouTube video ranking in Google for our main keyword. We’ll mostly be seeing if the social signals had any effect.

Stats Check

YouTube Rank

I had to restart the ranking data unfortunately in the last update, which means all data prior to 5/9/17 isn’t included. I also haven’t checked the rankings since Part 12, so we have a lack of ranking data from Rank Tracker. However, everything is hand-written in the table at the bottom of the page. We saw the YouTube ranking do a huge dip from #19 to #173 after sending the 3500 social signals. Yesterday, the video was found at the #40 position, but wasn’t found today for some reason (possibly a proxy issue). I did a manual look and the video is sitting at around #82.

Google Rank

The video is still not ranking in top 300 of the Google results. However, in the last 2 parts of this case study, we started manually checking the video results tab in Google and the Google ranking with the omitted results included. In part 12, the video was sitting at the #26 position and 5 months later is now back to the #33 position. The omitted results ranking was #182 last time, and now the video is at #164.

Social Shares

I’m going to start including the social share counts for each stats update. This particular service doesn’t include Twitter or Google +1s, so we will leave those aside.

From doing the 2nd social shares gig, the Facebook engagements went up 2,171 to 4,922. The Linkedin shares went up 404 to 980.

YouTube Views And Likes



On 5/6/17 and 5/15/17 we sent a total of around 5,902 total social signals (Facebook and Linkedin). We also sent Twitter signals and Google +1s, although we have no way of checking those numbers currently. In the last part, after a week of ordering the first batch of social signals, we saw the YouTube ranking drop off 154 spots. Another order of social signals were sent at this point, and 5 months later, we see the YouTube rank jump back up to #82. Before purchasing the first social signal gig, the rank was at #19. We don’t have enough data to make an accurate conclusion on the effect of social signals on the YouTube rank, but it is safe to say that these two social signal gigs ordered from Fiverr did not have much of a positive impact on the YouTube ranking.

The social signals did not help the YouTube video crack the top 300 in Google, but since starting the social signal campaign, we started to include the videos tab and omitted Google results in our stats. The videos tab rank went from #33 to #26 after a week sending the 1st batch. It has since went back to #33 after sending the 2nd batch 5 months ago. From this data, we can conclude that these two social signal gigs did not too much of an impact on the videos tab Google ranking.

For the omitted Google results, we saw the YouTube video originally ranking #196 before the 1st gig and finishing at #182 a week later. 5 months after sending the 2nd gig, the video is now at #164. Although there has been a positive jump after both gigs, we cannot say whether or not this jump was a result of the social signals. Regardless, the jump is not large enough for it to be of much importance.

In general, we can say that the two social signal packages from Fiverr did not have a dramatic positive effect on the YouTube ranking, Google ranking (videos), and Google ranking (omitted results). The next thing we are going to explore is PBN backlinks from Fiverr.

Results Table


DateGoogle RankYouTube RankYoutube ViewsYoutube LikesCommentsVideos TabOmitted Results
2016/3/2Not in top 50081400---
2016/3/9Not in top 50093440301 Redirect submission--
2016/3/11Not in top 50087520Start GSA SER backlinking--
2016/3/14Not in top 50067?0---
2016/3/21Not in top 500188880---
2016/3/24Not in top 500219?0---
2016/4/1Not in top 500681020End GSA SER backlinking--
2016/4/6Not in top 500101?0---
2016/4/10Not in top 500262?0---
2016/4/26Not in top 50029?0---
2016/5/12Not in top 50019?0---
2016/5/14Not in top 500241710Express Indexer submission--
2016/5/29Not in top 500441990Fiverr gig submission--
2016/6/1Not in top 50010~5,000~50---
2016/6/7Not in top 500375,87774---
2016/6/8Not in top 50036?762nd Fiverr gig submission--
2016/6/10Not in top 50014?76---
2016/6/13Not in top 5001414,23181---
2016/6/15Not in top 500??131---
2016/6/26Not in top 500314,264131---
2017/5/6Not in top 5001914,536134Social signals33196
2017/5/15Not in top 30017314,560134Social signals 226182
2017/10/30Not in top 3008214,63813333164