post-icon-youtubeIn part 8, we checked on the results of the first Fiverr gig submission. The Fiverr gig boosted the views up 5,500+ and the boosted the likes to 74. Within 3 days, the video jumped to the #10 spot in YouTube and then later dropped to #37 on 6/7.  The YouTube video still did not appear in the top 500 of Google. In this part, we are going to go over the 2nd Fiverr gig submission and check the stats once again.


2nd Fiverr Gig Submission

A day after part 8, I submitted the YouTube video to another similar gig on June 8th. This gig promised 8,000 views, 50 likes, 1 subscriber, and 10 shares. Within 12 hours, I saw the views start increasing. The video received an additional 8,000 viewsbut I have not seen any increases in likes, subscribers, or shares.

Stats Check

Google & YouTube Rank

In out last stats check on June 7th, we had the video sitting at the #37 position in YouTube after dropping from an all-time high position of #10. 2 days after the 2nd Fiverr gig started, the video jumped back up to #14 on June 10th and has stayed at that position for the last couple of days. The video still has not shown in the top 500 of Google. I’ve been tracking a couple related long tail keywords and the video is showing in the top 10 of Google for those.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 9 Rank Tracker Youtube Graph

Here’s the rankings for today:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 9 Rank Tracker Google Youtube Todays Rankings

YouTube Views And Likes

Here are the views and likes stats:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 9 Youtube Views And Likes

With the 2nd Fiverr gig submission, we saw and extra 8,000+ view added to bring the total to 14,231 views. I contacted the Fiverr gig worker just before writing this, and it seems as though the likes (and hopefully the shares and subscriber) are being added.


Similar to the first Fiverr gig submission, we saw an immediate impact on the YouTube rankings within the first couple days of the 2nd Fiverr gig submission. The video jumped up 23 spots. This is good news, but still did get back to the #10 spot or break the top 10. Also, the video still has not cracked the top 500 of Google. So far, we can conclude that the GSA SER 301 redirect backlinking and the boosting of YouTube stats using Fiverr gigs have had a positive effect on the YouTube ranking, but not for the Google ranking (for this keyword). In part 1, we saw that the keyword difficulty is 46.5 in Rank Tracker and after analyzing the top 10 results, we concluded that this is a middle of the road keyword. The video is ranking in the top 10 for long tail keywords, so we are just going to have to do some extra work to get this video ranking in the top 10. I am going to take the day to decide on the next step and we will analyze the results in the next part as usual.

Results Table