post-icon-youtubeIn part 7, we saw the video jumped up to the #19 spot in YouTube on May 12th and has been lingering around the 40th to 50th position since creating backlinks using GSA SER. After the backlinking, we submitted the high domain authority backlinks to Express Indexer to see if this had any positive effect on the rankings. It was concluded that the submission did not have any positive effect. After the link indexer submission, we submitted the YouTube video for a Fiverr gig. The Fiverr gig promised 5000 HR views, 100 likes, and 15 shares. In part 8, we are going to check out the results of the gig submission and see if the views, likes, and shares boosted the ranking of the video in YouTube and Google.


Fiverr Gig Update

The Fiverr gig has been completed. The gig promised 5000 views, 100 likes, and 15 shares. Within 48 hours, the YouTube video received a good 5,500+ new views, 74 new likes, and 0 shares. So, the views are correct, but the video did not receive the correct number of likes and shares. I’ve written to the owner of the gig and am waiting for the gig to be fully complete. The good news is that majority of the numbers were increased, so we will be able to check out the impact still.

Stats Check

Google & YouTube Rank

We submitted the video to the gig on May 29th. The video was at the #44 position. From monitoring the video, I saw the new views and likes start to come in within 24-36 hours. On May 31st, the video jumped up to the 35th position. One day later, the video jumped all the way to a new record of #10 on June 1st. It continued to stay in the 10th position for around 4 days and then dropped back down to #38 on June 5th. The video has remained at this spot for a couple days and is currently sitting at the #37 position. The video still has not cracked the top 500 in Google.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 8 Rank Tracker Youtube Graph

Here’s the rankings for today:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 8 Rank Tracker Google Youtube Todays Rankings

YouTube Views And Likes

Here are the views and likes stats:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 8 Youtube Views And Likes

Since May 29th, we received a total of 5,678 new views and 74 new likes.


As we can clearly see, the Fiverr gig definitely had a positive impact on the YouTube ranking and no impact on the Google ranking. The video jumped up 34 spots to #10 within 3 days. Since then, the video has dropped to the #37 position, but still has increased its position when compared to the start of the gig submission. I am not going to wait around for the missing 26 likes and 15 shares, so the plan is to repeat the process and order another gig. We will track the results of this gig and see where the video is ranking for YouTube and Google. From there, we will decide on the next step. The most important part is getting the video ranked in Google.

Results Table