post-icon-youtubeAbout a 6 weeks ago, in part 5, we saw the YouTube ranking of the video climb back up close to it’s original ranking before the start of the GSA SER backlinking. I planned to start on this part earlier, but was tied up with SuperHAC and SuperCS. The longer break has given us more time to analyze the effects of the GSA SER campaign. The climb back up in the YouTube rankings happened after dropping significantly during the first couple weeks of the backlinking campaign. I decided to stop the GSA SER 301 backlinking campaign since our last check. In this part, we are going to see if the YouTube ranking continued to climb, stay the same, or decrease once again. No backlinking or other work has been done to the video over the past week. Before we get into the stats check, we’re going to submit the higher quality backlinks created by GSA SER to Express Indexer based on the recent success of the service. From there, in the next part, we are going to see if the indexing of the backlinks plays any role in the Google and YouTube rankings.

Express Indexer Submission

In the Effectiveness Of Link Indexers case study, we saw some great indexing rates when using Express Indexer. I figured we would put it to the test once again in this case study. We created a boat load of backlinks using GSA SER, but we can assume that a good majority of them have not picked up in Google. We are going to submit the higher quality backlinks to Express Indexer and see if this has any effect on the Google and YouTube rankings. We have the option to filter out the backlinks by PR, Moz metrics, or Majestic metrics. PR is outdated and Majestic would take some manual work, so we will use Moz. We are going to filter out the backlinks using the Domain Authority metric of the domain. First, I need to trim all the backlinks to the root domain using Scrapebox. I plugged the 489,059 verified links into the URL harvestor box, trimmed to root domain, and removed duplicates. This left us with 12,202 unique domains.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 6 Scrapebox Remove Duplicates

Now we’re going to plug these domains into Scrapebox’s Page Authority addon.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 6 Scrapebox Page Authority Addon Results

Generally, anything above 20 DA is good, and anything above 30 is great. I’m going to use 25 as the cut off. I exported the results to an Excel file and sorted from largest to smallest DA. There are 5,755 unique domains with a Domain Authority of 25 or greater, which is about half of the unique domains. So the amount of URLs we will submit to Express Indexer will be around half of the 489k. In order to get the URLs list, I’m first going to load all the verified links into the Scrapebox harvester.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 6 Scrapebox GSA Verified URLs

Now what we want to do is remove all entries that do not match with the 5,755 unique domains we filtered out. First, I’m going to save the unique domains to a txt file. Then I’m going to click “Remove URL’s not containing entries from…” in the “Remove / Filter” menu and choose the txt file. This is going to remove any verified links in the harvester that do not contain one of the unique domains in the txt file.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 6 Scrapebox Remove By Mask

This removal took some time and we are now left with 361,194 verfied links on domains with a Domain Authority of 25 or more. I was expecting the number to be smaller, so I’m going to run the process through again and filter them out with a DA of 35 instead, which leaves us with 3,898 high quality domains as opposed to the original 5,755. After filtering again, we are left with 107,651 verified links, which is much better. Now I’m going to log into Express Indexer and manually submit them with no drip feed.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 6 Express Indexer Submission

Stats Check

Google & YouTube Rank

Our last stats check was around 6 week ago. During the backlinking process, the YouTube rank dropped dramatically all the way to #219 on March 24th. After we stopped the backlinking, the ranking jumped back up to #68 on April 1st. The video didn’t go any higher the days following the last check. And actually dipped back down all the way to #262 on April 10th, which was an all-time low. As I was busy with a couple things, I didn’t perform a lot of stats check, but on April 26th, the video ranked at an all-time high at #29. And a couple days ago, on May 12th, the video jumped up to spot #19. Today, the video is sitting at #24.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 6 Rank Tracker Youtube Graph

And here’s the rankings for today:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 6 Rank Tracker Google Youtube Todays Rankings

The video has dramatically increased in YouTube, but has not cracked the top 500 in Google.

YouTube Views And Likes

Here are the views and likes stats:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 6 Youtube Views And Likes


It’s been around 75 days since the beginning of the case study. We submitted the 301 redirects to GSA SER and created 489k backlinks over a 3 weeks stretch. During and after the backlinking, we save a lot of movement in the YouTube rankings. While we were backlinking, the YouTube ranking decreased from #70 to #219, increased back to #68, decreased down to #262, and finally increased all they way to #19. With all this dancing around, the backlinking clearly had an impact on the YouTube ranking. As for the Google ranking, the video has not cracked the top 500. So we can conclude that the GSA SER backlinking alone did not effect it’s ranking in Google. Now that we submitted the higher quality backlinks based on Domain Authority to Express Indexer, we will be able to see what effect the link indexer has on both the YouTube and Google rankings. We are going to leave things be and check back on the rankings in about a week. After that, we will see where we’re at.

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