post-icon-youtubeIn part 4, we did a stats check after 10 days of backlinking our 301 redirects using GSA SER. The video continued to not crack the top 500 in Google and the video saw a huge decrease in YouTube ranking. It’s now a total of 3 weeks since we started the GSA SER project and 11 days since our last stats check. The backlinking has been continually running the past 11 days with no changes to the project. Today, we are going to take a look at GSA SER again and do another stats check to see if there is any major changes to the rankings. After that, we are going to start submitting the backlinks to Express Indexer and decide on which direction to take the case study based on the stats check.

GSA SER Numbers


Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 5 GSA SER Numbers

In the last part, we saw a total of 378,010 verified links. After an additional 11 days of backlinking, the total is now 489,059. The rate of backlinking slowed down due to the number of targets.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 5 GSA SER Verified Chart

We last left off on 3/21. You can see a huge decrease in the number of verified links over the past 11 days. Forum links continued to make up 50% of the backlinking profile.

Stats Check

Google & YouTube Rank

For our last stats check, we saw the YouTube rank dramatically decrease since the start of the backlinking. We saw the ranking decrease all the way to #188 on the 21st. I was on vacation for a couple days and wasn’t able to monitor the rankings. So the rankings for the 25th through 29th was unchecked. As you can see, the YouTube video climbed back up over that stretch. It saw a all-time low at #219 on the 24th and peaked at #68 today. The highest we’ve seen the video rank is #67 on the 14th.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 5 Rank Tracker Youtube Graph

And here’s the rankings for today:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 5 Rank Tracker Google Youtube Todays Rankings

As you can see, the video is not in the top 500 for Google.

YouTube Views And Likes

Here are the views and likes stats:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 5 Youtube Views And Likes


As of today, it’s been 30 days since the beginning of the case study and 21 days of creating backlinks for the 301 redirects using GSA SER. We’ve seen no sign of the YouTube video in the top 500 of Google for the main keyword. However, the YouTube video has seen a lot of dancing around in the YouTube rankings. It was dancing around a bit naturally before the backlinking started and then saw a huge dip in ranking once the backlinking started. It hit a low of #219 on the 24th. However, since then, the video began to climb back up all the way to the #68 position, which is right in line with it’s highest ranking of #67 on the 14th. It’s not totally clear on the effect of the GSA SER backlinking to the 301 short URL redirects yet. In part 4, things were not looking good as the ranking dropped, but has since climbed up higher than it’s ranking before the backlinking started. I originally wanted to start submitting some of the backlinks to Express Indexer today, but I’m going to hold off now and give it another week to see if the YouTube ranking continues to increase. If the ranking continues to linger around the #60 to #80 range, we will start submitting the links to Express Indexer in the next part. If the ranking continues to increase, we will leave it be. After this backlinking phase is complete, we are going to check out the effects of views and likes. I actually got a couple of complaints from the GSA SER backlinking, so I have stopped it today after 21 days of backlinking.

Results Table