post-icon-youtubeIn part 2, we submitted the YouTube video to 301 link shortener services using GSA URL Redirect Pro. We created a total of 491 short 301 URL links. We are going to use these links as a buffer and blast them using GSA Search Engine Ranker. It’s been around 9 days since the start of this case study. Since then, we’ve been keeping track of the Google ranking, YouTube ranking, and the likes/views stats for the YouTube video. In the first 7 days, no work was done, so the Google ranking of our selected keyword stayed out of the top 500. The YouTube ranking jumped around a bit, but stayed relatively stable, which is expected. The views and like also stayed relatively the same. In this part, we will be focusing on setting up the backlinking of the 301 redirects using GSA SER.

GSA SER Project Backlinking Setup

GSA SER is great for a lot of different tasks, but mostly for building a lot of backlinks for lower tiers of a backlinking campaign. But with the right setup, GSA SER can be used for Tier 1 as well. You can pretty much do a lot of things using SER with the right setup. However, for this case study, since we are using some high authority 3rd party 301 redirect domains, I’m not going to worry too much about the quality of the backlinks. We’re just going to put GSA SER on full blast and destroy these shortened links. We are going to see if they can take the hit and pass good link juice to our YouTube video and in turn boost the rankings. I’m going to keep this as a single project, blasting a random URL from the list of 491. We won’t be setting up many filters and will try to get as much backlink variety as possible.

Engine Selection

I selected as many engines as possible. I didn’t build up my targets for “Document Sharing”, so that will be the only one I will leave blank.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Engine Selection

Data Fields

For the “URL” field, I used the “Edit URLs” option and entered the 491 URLs in bulk.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Edit URLs

I then used the “Check URLs” option to see if there were any dead links. Turns out there were 19, so we are now left with 472 URLs.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Data Settings 1

We will be using a random URL on each submission. We will not use URL variations and root/main variation too.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Data Settings 2 Keywords

I typed out 7 keywords, being sure to include the main keyword we are trying to rank for. The next 4 options are left blank as they are for finding targets via search engines. I will be using my verified lists for this project. I took the keywords and put them into spintax for the anchor text. I left the last option blank.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Data Settings 3 Anchor Text

For the partial match anchor text, I copy and pasted the main anchor text. For the secondary anchor text, I scraped long-tail keywords and then used a Notepad++ macro to create the spintax. For the branding anchor text, I created variations of the original YouTube URL (http, https, www., trailing slash, etc). All three of these fields are in spintax form. I then checked off generic anchor text, domain as anchor text, anchor text variations, and the last option. These settings will give us some nice anchor text variation.

For the rest of the data fields, I left some as the default SER data. For others, I wrote some content and spun it manually using The Best Spinner. You can also use content generators such as SEO Content Machine to fill in the data fields. It really depends on the type of project you are creating. If you are creating a tier 1 project, then it would be wise to fill out the data fields manually and make sure everything is unique and readable. If you are creating a tier 2 project or a project such as this case study, you can pay less attention to the fields. So after going through each field one by one and either using the default SER data or manually spun content, the data settings section is complete.

Article Manager

This section again will depend on the type of project you are creating. For this project, I’m not too focused on the quality of the content. So I am going to use SER’s “Search Online” feature and generate articles by scraping article sites.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Article Manager Scrapers

After a couple minutes, the scraping left us with 19 articles. I chose to let GSA SER automatically spin the articles, as well.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Article Manager Articles

After that, I completed the article manager options.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Article Manager Options

I chose to insert a link at a random location and also mix in some random/authority URLs. I left out inserting verified links from the project, as I’d rather do this in later stages of the case study (another tier). I also chose to insert random images and videos into the articles for a little more variety. Everything else was remained unchecked.


The next tab of the project setup is “Options”. These are pretty important, so I would advise anyone to go through each of these one by one. Again, these options will vary per each project.

For the first section “How to submit / verify”, I went through each one and set them like this:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Options Submit

We are going to submit backlinks all at once with no limitations, so I left the first checkbox unchecked. For captchas, we will be asking all services to try and solve the captchas. I will be using a combination of GSA Captcha Breaker, Blazing OCR, Blazing Text Captcha Solver, Captcha Sniper, and 2Captcha to ensure almost every captcha is solved.. If a form can’t be filled we will ask GSA SER to fill it randomly. After this image was taken, I decided to not send the verified links to Express Indexer just yet. So we will start off without indexing or pinging any of the links.

The next section is for selecting how to get the target URLs. I will be strictly using my verified list which has been built up over the past couple of months. The verified list is stored in the “Submitted” global site lists slot. With that said, I’m going to leave the search engines and all additional sources unchecked to save time and resources.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Options Targets

The next section is “Scheduled Posting”:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Options Scheduled Posting

I checked off the option to allow posting on the same site again and also “per URL” to maximize backlinks.

For the “Filter URLs” section, we will be leaving most options unchecked as we are doing a full blast.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Options Filtering 1

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Options Filtering 2

All filtering options were left unchecked and all backlink types were checked. This will give us the most targets as possible.

Email Verification

For the email verification, I’ll be using 3 catchall emails from SEOSpartans. This should give us enough email variation for creating accounts on all the targets.

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 GSA SER Email Verification

The GSA SER project is not complete as has started the backlinking.

Stats Check

Google & YouTube Rank

The YouTube video has remained out of the top 500 for Google, but remains in the top 100 for YouTube. In part 1, we started the rank tracking using Rank Tracker and found the video ranking at #81, naturally. In part 2, we saw the YouTube rank jump up and down. For the past two days, since our last check, the video has seen a slight increase in rank:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 Rank Tracker Youtube Graph

Here’s the rankings for today:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 Rank Tracker Google Youtube Todays Rankings

YouTube Views And Likes

Here are the views and likes stats:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 3 Youtube Views And Likes


In the last part, we saw no movement for the Google Ranking as it remained out of the top 500. And we saw not much movement in the YouTube ranking, views, and likes. This was expected as no promotion was done. For today’s stats check, this remained the same even though we submitted the YouTube video to 491 link URL shorteners. The YouTube ranking danced around a bit more, increasing to 84 yesterday, and dropping to 87 today. We can conclude that the 301 links had no immediate impact on both the Google and YouTube rankings over the past two days. We saw a slight increase in the YouTube video views to 52 (mostly from me), and continued to stay at 0 likes. Now that we put the GSA SER backlinking campaign in motion, we will finally be able to see the effect a full GSA SER blast on 301 URLs redirecting to our video will have on our stats. We are going to let GSA SER do its thing and we will check on the results in 5 days. Depending on the results, we will adjust the current setup and/or add an additional method to get into the top 10.

Results Table