post-icon-youtubeIn part 9, we went over the 2nd Fiverr gig submission and checked it’s impact on the YouTube and Google rankings. We saw good success with the video jumping all the way to the 10th spot in YouTube after the 1st Fiverr submission. The video later declined to the 37th spot. The 2nd Fiverr gig submission gave the video an extra 8,000+ views and 50 likes. After a couple days, the video jumped back up to the 14th position and lingered around there for 4 days. In part 10 of this case study, we’re going to do another stats check on the video to see if it jumped higher within the YouTube rankings and cracked the top 500 of Google for our lone keyword.

Stats Check

Google & YouTube Rank

The highest ranking we saw the video reach in YouTube was #10 on June 1st after the 1st Fiverr submission. After a couple days, it dropped to #37. We then did a 2nd Fiverr gig submission and the video jumped back to the #14 position for a couple days. After part 9, the video completely disappeared from the YouTube rankings for our keyword. When checking the keyword manually in the browser, the video appeared to be lingering around the #30 position, but Rank Tracker was not picking it up. At this point, I’m not too sure which was accurate. But the good news is, 12 days later, the YouTube video jumped all the way up to an all-time high of #3 in YouTube (which was picked up by Rank Tracker). It has stayed at this position for the past 2 days. Unfortunately, the Fiverr gig submissions still have not sparked a top 500 ranking in Google.

Here’s the rankings for today:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 10 Rank Tracker Google Youtube Todays Rankings

YouTube Views And Likes

Here are the views and likes stats:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 10 Youtube Views And Likes

After contacting the 2nd Fiverr gig owner, he added the 50 likes to the video. This may have aided in the recent YouTube ranking boost.


So far, we can concluded that the 301 GSA SER backlinking and the boosting of the YouTube views and likes have had no impact on the Google ranking of the video. On the contrary, the YouTube ranking of the video saw an immediate boost from both the 301 GSA SER backlinking and the boosting of views & likes via Fiverr gigs. With the video now ranking at #3 in YouTube, we will shift our focus onto cracking the top 500 of Google more. Within the next week, the plan is to send a bunch of social signals to the video URL to see if that has an effect on the Google ranking.

Results Table


DateGoogle RankYouTube RankYoutube ViewsYoutube LikesCommentsVideos TabOmitted Results
2016/3/2Not in top 50081400---
2016/3/9Not in top 50093440301 Redirect submission--
2016/3/11Not in top 50087520Start GSA SER backlinking--
2016/3/14Not in top 50067?0---
2016/3/21Not in top 500188880---
2016/3/24Not in top 500219?0---
2016/4/1Not in top 500681020End GSA SER backlinking--
2016/4/6Not in top 500101?0---
2016/4/10Not in top 500262?0---
2016/4/26Not in top 50029?0---
2016/5/12Not in top 50019?0---
2016/5/14Not in top 500241710Express Indexer submission--
2016/5/29Not in top 500441990Fiverr gig submission--
2016/6/1Not in top 50010~5,000~50---
2016/6/7Not in top 500375,87774---
2016/6/8Not in top 50036?762nd Fiverr gig submission--
2016/6/10Not in top 50014?76---
2016/6/13Not in top 5001414,23181---
2016/6/15Not in top 500??131---
2016/6/26Not in top 500314,264131---
2017/5/6Not in top 5001914,536134Social signals33196
2017/5/15Not in top 30017314,560134Social signals 226182
2017/10/30Not in top 3008214,63813333164