post-icon-youtubeWell, it’s been a year since writing part 10. I had some things go on and got sidetracked unfortunately in a different direction. However, instead of wrapping up, I’m going to try to regroup and continue on. In the last part, we did a simple stats check. In total, we did 2 different Fiverr submissions to boost views, likes, and shares. The 1st submission resulted in a #10 spot in YouTube and the 2nd submission results in a #3 spot. However, both had no influence on the Google ranking of the video. In the last part, we were planning on sending social signals to the video to see if it had any impact on the Google ranking (and YouTube as well). Unfortunately, that is where I got cut off, but I am going to pick up exactly where I left off. First, lets see how the YouTube ranking has been doing the past year..

Stats Check

Google & YouTube Rank

Our last stats check was on 6/26/2016 – almost a full year. On that day, we were ranking the highest we’ve ever been in YouTube over the duration of the case study. Here is a view of where we left off:

Currently, I’m not using Rank Tracker, so we’re going to use a free online service for the time being to check today’s ranking. Let’s see were our video is ranking in YouTube.

This means our video has dropped from 16 positions over the course over a year.. which isn’t too bad.

I checked the Google ranking of the video manually this time around. First, I wanted to see where it was in the “videos” tab. I see that it’s ranking #33. I then checked out the “All” tab. 170 results are displayed and no sign of the video. I then clicked the “repeat the search with the omitted results included” to display more YouTube videos than were originally shown. Turns out the video is ranking #196. We haven’t check the “videos” tab or used the omitted results before; but this gives us more numbers/data to analyze to see what is impacting the Google ranking. I will add these numbers to our chart.

YouTube Views And Likes

Here are the views and likes stats a year ago:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 10 Youtube Views And Likes

Here is where we’re at a year later. We know all of these are organic:

Ranking Youtube Video Case Study Part 10 Youtube Views And Likes

We saw an increase of 272 views and an increase of 3 likes.


After a year, our YouTube ranking dropped only 16 spots to #19. We’ve already concluded that the 301 redirect method and the inflation of views, likes, & shares had a positive impact on the YouTube ranking, but not the Google ranking. In the last part, we were planning on buying social signals to the video to see if it made the Google ranking jump up. We’re going to do exactly that. With the default Google search settings, our YouTube video is still not visible, but it is showing #33 for the “videos” tab and #196 for the omitted results. This is a good sign, and we’re going to recheck these numbers after the social signals push.

Results Table


DateGoogle RankYouTube RankYoutube ViewsYoutube LikesCommentsVideos TabOmitted Results
2016/3/2Not in top 50081400---
2016/3/9Not in top 50093440301 Redirect submission--
2016/3/11Not in top 50087520Start GSA SER backlinking--
2016/3/14Not in top 50067?0---
2016/3/21Not in top 500188880---
2016/3/24Not in top 500219?0---
2016/4/1Not in top 500681020End GSA SER backlinking--
2016/4/6Not in top 500101?0---
2016/4/10Not in top 500262?0---
2016/4/26Not in top 50029?0---
2016/5/12Not in top 50019?0---
2016/5/14Not in top 500241710Express Indexer submission--
2016/5/29Not in top 500441990Fiverr gig submission--
2016/6/1Not in top 50010~5,000~50---
2016/6/7Not in top 500375,87774---
2016/6/8Not in top 50036?762nd Fiverr gig submission--
2016/6/10Not in top 50014?76---
2016/6/13Not in top 5001414,23181---
2016/6/15Not in top 500??131---
2016/6/26Not in top 500314,264131---
2017/5/6Not in top 5001914,536134Social signals33196
2017/5/15Not in top 30017314,560134Social signals 226182
2017/10/30Not in top 3008214,63813333164