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With Super Hotmail Account Creator, you'll never have to buy email accounts again.
SuperHAC will save you time and money by creating email accounts for you; exactly the way you want them.

At your service is an advanced software loaded with features that uses sockets, multi-threading, automatic captcha solving,
and complex systems to create Hotmail & Outlook accounts quickly, efficiently, and cheaply.

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Hotmail Account Creation At Blazing Speeds
Create mass email accounts at lightning fast speeds using sockets, multi-threading, and automatic captcha solving. The software is built for speed and efficiency. Hotmail & Outlook accounts are created in a snap of a finger.
Extremely Randomized Sign-up Process
SuperHAC completely randomizes all sign-up details: usernames, passwords, names, zip codes, birthdays, gender, phone numbers, contact info, user agents & more. You can completely customize the account details as you like.
Multi-Threading Support
Run as many simultaneous threads as your computer can handle and create bulk accounts. Speed up the account creation process and save time.
Multiple Automatic Captcha Solving Solutions
You can solve captchas manually or automatically by linking SuperHAC to a range of automatic captcha solving services. Incorrect captchas are automatically reported back to the captcha service.
Private, Public, & BackConnect Proxy Support
SuperHAC supports private, public, and BackConnect proxies. Using proxies allows you to override the account creation limit per IP. Import proxies from file or URL and use the in-built proxy checker to filter out bad proxies. User/pass authentication is supported and you can reload proxies on a set interval as well.
HMA VPN System
SuperHAC is fully compatible with HMA VPN. SuperHAC will automatically open the software, create the connection, test the IP, change the IP when necessary, and disconnect once all accounts are created.
In-built Proxy Checker
Manage your proxies with the proxy editor. Import proxies from file or URL. Run the proxies through a series of tests to ensure only the top-quality proxies are being used to create accounts.
Custom Usernames Editor
Use word lists, punctuation, numbers, letters & more to completely customize usernames exactly the way you want them. Use the checker to generate and check the availability of your custom usernames.
Custom Output Editor
Create your own custom output for successful accounts. Mix and match tons of data to output in the specific format you need. Output every account detail possible.
Advanced Captcha System
SuperHAC will only use captcha services that are not overloaded to speed up account creation. You can choose the max load percentage. SuperHAC will also automatically refund your money for incorrect captchas.
Advanced IP/Proxy System
SuperHAC has an advanced IP/proxy system that ensures only IPs that have not reached either the 24-hour IP limit or phone verification, are used. IPs/proxies that hit an IP limit or phone verification are filtered out of the available addresses. Also, if an IP/proxy hits a connection error, it is automatically removed from the current run. You can reload proxies on a set interval from file or URL and also reset used proxies on a set interval for BackConnect proxies.
Create PVA Accounts
SuperHAC gives the option to phone verify all accounts created. Phone verification unlocks multiple account features and gives your account a longer life. SuperHAC will submit the phone number, retrieve the code, and verify the account with the code.
Alias Creation: 33 Emails Per IP
Alias creation enables you to create an extra 10 emails per account, or an extra 30 emails per IP per day. You can login and connect to POP with these emails. All emails sent to the alias emails will land in the main account's mailbox. This is ideal for SEO backlinking.
Enable POP, Add Inbox Rule
SuperHAC allows you to automatically enable POP and add an inbox rule for all accounts created. POP allows 3rd party software to access the email accounts. The inbox rule makes sure all emails land in the inbox. These are useful for SEO purposes.
Email Forwarding (Catchall)
Set up email forwarding for your accounts. This will forward all emails to one central master mailbox. Forwarding emails from all accounts to one inbox will make things easier for SEO.
Create EVA Accounts
You can choose to email verify all accounts created. SuperHAC will use a disposable email as the alternate email and then use the code sent to verify the account. Email verification unlocks multiple account features and gives the accounts a longer life.
Alive Checker & POP Checker
Check all of you accounts and make sure they are still alive using the alive checker. The POP checker will check if POP is enabled for the accounts. Alias emails are also supported.
Server Proxies
If you don't have proxies to use, you can download a fresh list of proxies from the server. These proxies are constantly scraped and tested against the Hotmail account sign-up process to ensure there are working proxies whenever you need.
SuperHAC can be easily integrated into your work flow. There are automation options that allow you to auto start account creation, run files at specific times, check proxies before account creation, exit automatically, & more.
Command Line
Along with automation options within the software, you can also start account creation directly from the command line without entering SuperHAC. You can specify how many accounts to create, & more.
Highly Intelligent
SuperHAC does everything in its power to make the account creation process as quick and efficient as possible. Costs are held to a minimum using a variety of systems, blacklists, randomization, & more.
Advanced Configuration
Configure SuperHAC to run exactly as you need. Choose from 100+ options/settings. Use different configuration setups for different projects and tasks. Set it up to yield the best results possible.
In-Depth Monitors, Logs, Software Options
The monitors and logs give you a detailed view of what is going on during account creation and all other processes.
Frequent Updates & Dedicated Support
SuperHAC is constantly being updated and improved with a variety of features and options. Support is available 24/7 for all users. All feature requests are encouraged.

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As an SEO agency, getting workable email addresses with profiles has been a challenge, that one step, if not done right, can block any further progress in account creation on many websites. not anymore since we discovered SuperHAc, the number of options available are just what a professional SEOer needs, and then its one click to create hundreds of valid, working emails to use with any submission software. Love it!

Just wanted to chime in and say this is the best email creator available. I used the old version for over a year and this one is even better. Great work!

This is masterfully created and has given me many ideas to implement into my own software. This just works, flawlessly.

This is fantastic software guys! Tons of options and very stable! I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants mass email accounts!

Just picked this up, and I love it! 🙂 Works like a beast, has lots of customization options, and it's easy to save the accounts when you're done. I would highly recommend anyone to pick this up…

Very impressed!!!!!! 3.5 thumbs up out of 2. Should be charging over $70. Not kidding, there are a ton of features and most are not listed. I won't think twice about buying another from this fine UI developer. I hope you raise the price soon for your sake in all the fine work you have done on a great UI.

I haven't used this much yet, but I already feel like I got my money's worth in one run.

Just picked this up and ran it once and I already feel like I got my money's worth. Nice job on this software and I agree with the comments of others that this could sell for more and would still be a steal!

This is an excellent buy if you need emails was a great investment. Keep up the outstanding work. creates emails and alias's and does a great job at it.

I have bought so many hotmail account creator but yours is the best out there.

I would just like to say- i have created more then 100 accounts since i purchased this software! It works like a charm!

i can vouch for this product..used it personally and it really made accounts super fast and quite easy

Grabbed my license! Great job on this software acamso! Anybody still on the fence, grab this now while you can… Its a no brainer

Awesome support so far. This seems like an awesome product! And I even have my own coded hotmail creator, but this one is great.

The software works amazing. Generates the accounts + the special configuration + aliases as promised. I've tested the accounts and they all seem to be alive. Working well with SER and FCS.
The best part – tech support. The developer seems to be up 24×7(!) Any little issue or clarification – he's there holding your hands (including Team Viewer session as needed.) Can't speak highly enough of him.
In summary – highly recommended.

Hey. Thank you very much for developing this software. It is fast and all features work fantastic. Great support too!

I am pleased I bought this software.

I highly recommend acamso product because :

1. great support, i always got my support ticket answered in under 24 hours.
2. Great software, because acamso just like sven. They always keep update the software to make sure the tool works as they promise.

Git it a try and i'm sure you will love it

Have used a couple of other hotmail acct creators and this is the best, plus support is legendary. +1

I have been a user of Superhac pretty much since the beginning. The software has always been great but the last few versions really are awesome! Once you get the settings tweaked the way you want its a set it and forget it email creator that can easily create 1000's of emails in a day if you have the proxies for it. At this point I don't know what i'd do without Superhac. The support is also some of the best ive encountered. All in all just awesome software. Its a no brainer at these prices!

I'm using itfor more than a year and it has saved me a lot of time and money, I used to purchase hotmail accounts from the marketplace and many times ended up with at least 30-40% non-working ones. Along this time I have created few support tickets and what amazes me is how quickly the owner responds to them – less than 10-15 minutes in my case.

The software has evolved and it's always up to date with changes that appear with hotmail. I've been lucky enough to get it at a lower fixed price, even the actual pricing is a steal considering that there are individuals charging around $15 for only 1k emails with spam filters.

Highly recommend it!

This is the best hotmail account creator in this industry, i have tried multiple Hotmail account creator software like hotmail account stream and wizmail but i was not happy with this kind of softwares because of less futures and low support system .

But This Guy the developer of SuperHac is amazing. the support of this developer is amazing and outstanding and fully dedicated person to his business. i have bought three copy is software and i am really happy with software and support when i ask for support i got in just matter of minutes, amazing i never show support like this so i highly recommend to all who like to buy hotmail account creator or want bulk hotmail accounts this is just amazing software i have created thousand's of hotmail accounts with this software without any error or problems :You_Rock_

Been using this since the socket version came out. I don't use most of the features just the normal email creation with spam filter and it works perfectly.

The software alone should blow you away.. it has everything you need to create fully verified outlook accounts. On top of that, AMAZING support (tickets usually answered within minutes, even offering TeamViewer support. If you need accounts for your marketing campaigns, this is all you need. Great work acamso.

I had a chance to take this software for a Beta spin, and was really impressed with the speed of account creation. Once configured to your needs you can let it run completely automated to hammer out accounts + custom extras if required.

I didn't have a chance to play with the AutoPVA functionality but that steps this up to another level. The developer was on skype and very responsive to questions and bug fixes (in the beta), top notch support overall which was appreciated.

As someone else mentioned if you currently buy email accounts this tool will save you boatloads of money and deliver the accounts to your specifications when you need them…. no more waiting for someone on skype who show's up 3 days late after a promised delivery time when you needed the accounts yesterday! Highly recommended, solid price, solid support, top notch software.

Ok so i Bought SuperHac Yesterday because i had a little issue with account creation on Custom settings and within 5 minutes after sending my Email he solved issue on Teamviewer
With Built in Phone Verification , Custom Usernames and almost each and every possible customization available this is way ahead of all other hotmail account creators


I have to say that my experience with SupeHAC has been absolutely fantastic. The owner of the program is by far the most dedicated and responsive developer I have had the pleasure to work with. I rate his service up there with the giants like Neiman Marcus. YEAH! He is that good.

I use several SEO apps to automate part of my SEO business, and creating usable and verifiable email accounts is without a doubt absolutely necessary in order to create the web properties I use. SuperHAC has no problem generating those accounts for me!

If you are concerned about the price, then you are in the wrong business, and besides the alternative is for you to spend over $15 to get a block of emails that everyone else is also getting. With SuperHAC your emails are yours and not shared by anyone else.

Now lets consider the price. If you spend about $15/mo that is $180 per year. Heck, a life time license of SuperHAC is $97. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one. Right?

I know some IM folks who spend $15/week to get a block of 1K emails. Do that math 52*15= $780/year. They must be out of their minds.

SuperHAC can deliver 825 Emails/Day!

You do need great proxies, but the developer has you covered here as well. All you need is to subscribe to his proxy service and SuperHAC will automatically load the proxies for you. I subscribe to the 25 proxy plan, and it cost me $25/mo for 25 dedicated proxies. However; – and here is the bonus – I can use these proxies on my other tools which really reduces my cost of use.

Folks, its' a no-brainer!

If you are serious about making money on the internet, then you have to have a bevy of quality back links. To create those back links you need email accounts, and SuperHAC is the tool you need.

It is that simple!

Just wanted to say, I've used a lot of email creation software and this is by far the fastest! The software is easy to use and is constantly being updated with new features (some I have requested). The support is also amazing – direct contact with the dev via Skype or via their support site.

Thumbs up for such an awesome tool. I had an issue today, contacted the support and in minutes we had a teamviewer session.
Developer did fix the job and the software is working flawless again! Would recommend it to anyone!
software 5/5
Support 10/5

I wanted to add I'm done buying accounts from sellers – I just had 1000 gmail PVAs wiped out because of a seller over using IPs/phone numbers. Using SuperHAC I haven't had any problems because I can create the accounts in a safe way and exactly to my specs. New updates are great and I haven't had any issues with the app at all.

Great Software and Great Service. I was an error on my desktop and he fixed it. And also He gave one month free proxy service for that. Highly Recommended Software

I generally dont provide positive reviews, however I felt that urge to provide one not only because of my wonderful experience in using this software but also with the support provided by this gentleman.
Ever since I purchased this software I have been amazingly impressed with the different functionalities of what this software provides. A few days ago, i experienced a glitch in the software, or so it seemed & i asked for support. This gentleman worked tirelessly on a Sunday for 5 hours to resolve my issue. Contrary to what I thought it to be a glitch in the software but it seemed there was a major glitch in my computer & he resolved it.

If this software serves your SEO needs, then my 2 cents is to buy this software. Worth the investment!

I have had this program for several months now and been using private proxies to complete the email creation. The program works like a charm compared to other buggy programs I have tried in the past.

SuperHac is very well laid out, easy to understand and pleasing to the eye! Whats more support is 1st class… My past 3 emails were answered within 20 mins (even on News Years eve 2014/2015) WOW… Get a life!! FANTASTIC!!

I highly recommend this program….. And I really wish acamso all the best for the future!!

Excellent software – Very easy to learn (I am a rookie). I did load 100 semi-private proxies and in the last 20 hours I've manage to create 500 email accounts (blend of Outlook & Hotmail).

Great software, the rare times it doesn't work, he updates at a ridiculously fast pace. I've tried almost all the public creators, there's no question this is the best quality and not to mention price. My only complaint is this guy doesn't make other great pieces of software, shame really!:)

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Currently not for sale. Please check back soon.