post-icon-youtubeIn part 11, we took a look at the stats after a full year of not working on it. The YouTube ranking dropped only from #3 to #19 for our main keyword. Also, there was still no sign of the video in Google. We also did a couple new checks in the last part. We saw the video was ranking #33 in the “Videos” tab on Google for the main keyword and also was ranking #196 when choosing to show the “omitted results”. Up until this point, we concluded that the 301 redirect method and the inflation of views, likes, & shares had a positive impact on the YouTube ranking, but not the Google ranking. Since we have solved the YouTube ranking, all effort going forward will be spent on boosting the Google ranking. At the end of part 11, I decided to order a Fiverr gig to boost the social signals of the YouTube video to see the effect on the Google rank. In this part, we’re going to take a look at the results.

Social Signals Results

So I ordered a 3500 social signals for the YouTube video from Fiverr. Here is a look at the social signals prior to the blast:

Here is a look at the social signals after the blast:

Majority of the shares were Facebook, with some Linkedin and Google+ sprinkled in. The 3,328 total fell short of the expected amount of 3,500, but it’s possible that the remainder were Twitter, which cannot be seen unless logged into this particular service.

Stats Check

Google & YouTube Rank

I went ahead and reordered Rank Tracker, so we’ll be using it again from here on out. On 6/26/2016, the YouTube ranking was the highest it ever was – #3. In the last part, a year later, we saw the YouTube ranking drop to #19. This wasn’t concerning as a drop of 16 spots over a year with no work is expected. However, since the last part, the video saw a huge decrease all the way to the #173 spot:

Part 11 was published on May 6th, so the video saw a drop-off within 3 days. It then jumped back up to the #33, but then dropped off again.


Rank Tracker did not pick up the video in the Google results. Unfortunately, including the omitted results and the “Videos” tab is not an option, so lets check these two manually.

We left off at the #33 position for the “Videos” tab and now we are ranking at #26 for an increase of 7 spots. For the omitted results, we were ranking last at #196. Now we are ranking at #182 for an increase of 14 spots.

YouTube Views And Likes


Since we last left off, the YouTube ranking dropped a good 154 spots. We’re not sure at this point whether or not this is a result of the social signals blast. If this is a result of it, it’s very possible that we should see the ranking jump back higher than the original #19 position. We will keep an eye on the YouTube ranking, although we are not overly concerned with it at this point since we have already figured out a way to increase its position without the social signals. Although Rank Tracker still hasn’t picked up the video in the Google results, we saw a decent increase from #33 to #26 for the “Videos” tab and an increase from #196 to #182 for the omitted results. We can’t confirm yet that this is a result of the social signals. We’re going to repeat the process one more time and order more social signals and check the results again in the next part. From here, we will make a final conclusion on social signals to increase a YouTube video’s ranking in Google. After that, we will most likely order some PBN or backlinking services to see if that further increases the Google ranking.

Results Table